Saturday, May 13, 2006

The New York Review of Magazines Project

Das (jährliche) 'We-Love-Magazine Projekt' der 'Magazine Junkies' (Selbsteinschätzung des Projektteams, Studenten der Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism ist jetzt Online zu besichtigen.

on rexblog) findet im diesjährigen Review 'lots of good stuff' und empfiehlt insbesondere den Beitrag '5 reasons why magazines are here to stay' von Nicole Oncina

Dear Nicole,

a lot of hard work and good stuff to make you think ...

I agree, print magazines are here to stay. But first you (and others) have to fall in love with them and secondly, they have to respond to your desire and love favorable ...


Best of Magazine Award (von NYRM)

by Nicole Oncina
Illustration by Jennifer Daniel
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