Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Forrester: Consumer Social Profile 2009: DE - UK - FR - CN

As you can see, the researcher's do not see the Germans spearheading the Social Media trail and / or the engagement ladder. As you might have seen on my last post, Forrester defines 24% of US Users (18 years and older) as Creaters, for UK 15%, France 12% and Germany just 9% (and btw. Metro China 44%).

When you look at Joiners US has (according to this research) 51% Joiners, UK 38%, France 24% and Germany again the fewest with 21%.

Source: Forrester Research's Consumer Technographics data
Part of ForresterÄs Groundswell content
Copyright 2009 Forrester Research

With this Profi Tools at Groundswell you can check more countries and segment by sex and age groups.

The Groundswell Consumer Profile Tool - now with 2009 data

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