Monday, August 24, 2009

The Impact of Advertising on Content Sites vs. Ad Networks

OPA [Online Publishers Association] monitors and compares the ads effectiveness of content Site, portals and ad networks. From their key findings (3rd wave, August 2009)

Source: OPA

For ad effectiveness, environment matters – and Content Sites help advertisers ‘move the needle’

•OPA Member sites’ ad effectiveness consistently outperform other sites –including Portals and Ad Networks, even during an economic recession

•OPA sites have largely improved their ad effectiveness over time, unlike Portals and Ad networks

•These Content Sites generally do a better job of integrating advertising into professional video, as well as rich media and interactive ads

•Ad Networks’ Purchase Intent delta is statistically insignificant –that is, brands get the same result if they do not advertise on ad networks as they do by advertising on networks

Results by demographics, industry, ad formats and on how online advertising impacts decision maker and influencers here, PDF, 40 pages

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