Monday, June 30, 2014

Publishers Weekly: The World's 56 Largest Book Publishers - 2014 Edition

The world's largest book publishers by revenue in 2013 (now online) at Publishers Weekly

Hinweis für Printliebhaber (und Deutsch-Bevorzuger)
Ihr müssen noch etwas warten. Die Detailergebnisse werden im Buchreport 2014-07 veröffentlicht.
Hier informieren | bestellen

This report is a joint venture of PublishNews (BR), buchreport (DE), Livres Hebdo (FR), The Bookseller (UK) and Publishers Weekly (U.S.) and hard work of Rüdiger Wischenbart. Links are for checking the French and/or Portuguese Version later (not yet published), if you prefer / want to read it in your language.

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