Monday, August 29, 2016

The World's 52 Largest Book Publishers, 2016

As every year comes around August the World's 52 Largest Book Publishers list by Livres Hebdo (and co-published by Bookdao, The Bookseller, buchreport, PublishNews and Publishers' Weekly). Digital disruptions, soft economies is challenging even the globe’s biggest players

Top 5 by Revenue 2015 (in Billion USD)

No. 1: 6.6 USD Pearson (UK)
No. 2: 5.8 USD ThomsonReuters (CA)
No. 3: 5.2 USD RELX Group (NL, UK, US)
No. 4: 4.6 USD Wolters Kluwer (NL)
No. 5: 4.1 USD Penguin Random House (DE)

Parent country German, includes Germany

No.  5: 4.1 USD Penguin Random House (DE)
No. 15: 1.6 USD Springer Nature (DE, SE, SG)
No. 19: 1.2 USD VG G.v. Holtzbrinck (DE)
No. 32: 0.5 USD Klett (DE)
No. 40: 0.3 USD Westermann VG (DE)
No. 43: 0.3 USD Haufe Group (DE)
No. 45: 0.3 USD WEKA (DE)

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additional insights by Rüdiger Wischenbart (PDF)
Findings and Insights from the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry 2016

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