Monday, April 07, 2014

VDZ Jahrespressekonferenz 2014. Trendumfrage dokumentiert eine insgesamt 'Stabile Entwicklung'

Heute vormittag hatte der Verband der Deutschen Zeitschriftenverleger (VDZ) zur Jahrespresskonferenz geladen ...

Gesamtumsatz deutscher Zeitschriftenverlage 
- über alle Geschäftsfelder - weltweit
14,85 Mrd. EUR (Inland: 10,81 Mrd. EUR, Ausland: 4,04 Mrd. EUR)
- keine direkten Vergleichsdaten; nach bisheriger Zählart Verlagsgeschäfte: 7,5 Rd. EUR

Titel in Produktion (per März 2014)  1.587 Titeln  (per März 2013: 1.542) + 2, 9 %

Gesamt-Heftauflage - jetzt inkl. ePaper - und (trotz) Titelwachstum 'stabil'

Auflagenentwicklung Publikumszeitschriften

Verkaufte Auflage (in Mio.)

2011:  110,7
2012:  109,7
2013:  106,4 (inkl ePaper IVW)


2011:  44,3
2012:  43,6
2013:  41,5

VDZ-Trendumfrage sagen die Verlage für 2014 voraus, dass sie im Schnitt 34 % ihrer Umsätze im Digitalen (15 %) bzw Sonstigen Geschäft (19 %) erwirtschaften (2013: 32,1 %) wollen, das bedeute

+ 14,8 % Online
-  1,5 % Anzeigen
-  0,5 % Vertrieb
+ 6,1 % Sonstiges

Nicht überraschen sehen
75% im Mobile-Geschäft einen wesentlicher Wachstumstreiber und
92% wollen sich noch stärker auf die Entwicklung mobiler Angebote konzentrieren

Hier einige ausgewählte Charts aus der Präsentation von Stephan Scherzer

via VDZ Pressemitteilung

Gesamtes Slidedeck (47 Seiten, PDF)

Monday, March 31, 2014

We Are Social: 10 Future Factors 2014 (to think about)

People all over the world are increasingly connected to the Internet wherever they are. How will this influence and shape our future? Ten thesis from We Are Social Singapore by Simon Kemp.

The Russian Book Market in 2013

based on the Book Industry Magazine report (subscription only)

The Russian Literature Online has prepared a short presentation in English here  | Download  (17 pg., PDF)

Results and forecast on the size of the Russian pBooks - eBooks market, major publishing groups, the market by segments, distribution channels and more.

Some charts 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Out: Innovations in Magazine Media 2014: Roadmap for Magazine Media Strategy

Today at the Digital Innovation Summit, Berlin the Magazine publishing association FIPP and the Innovation International Media Consulting Group presented the 2014 Edition of  the 'Innovations in Magazine Media' World Report.

Some key findings 
  • Native advertising is revolutionizing the world of content, advertiser-magazine relationships, advertiser-reader relationships, and revenue models
  • Big data is putting serious science and analysis behind every decision we make in magazine publishing, from content to advertising to new products
  • Mobile will be the dominant platform for information distribution and consumption and it is so revolutionary that some are calling it a “do-over” chance for legacy media who got the whole internet thing so terribly wrong 
  • Programmatic advertising suddenly appears on its way to becoming the way most ads will be sold and scheduled
  • Video has become the most effective, most powerful, and fastest-growing method of delivering content and advertising to the largest audience, all in ways that are increasingly accessible to all publishers.

The Innovations in Magazine Media 2014 World Report delivers on 156 pages great information on (e.g.)
  • Paywalls, content sales, eCommerce, mCommerce, programmatic advertising, publishing frequency, print innovations, personalization, Google Glass, eNewsletters, and more
  • BuzzFeed, Condé Nast, The Huffington Post, Atlantic Media, Virgin, Pepsi, Forbes, The Washington Post, Hearst, Microsoft, The Guardian, OgilvyOne, Nivea, Elle, and Netflix to name a few brands featured in the report
  • Insight from Google, ZenithOptimedia, Nielsen, Reuters, Digiday, eMarketer, and GfK.

The Innovations in Magazine Media 2014 report is available in print and digital here 

Juan Señor and John Wilpers, Innovation Media Consulting Group (USA, UK) 

presenting their findings at DISummit 2014

Slidedesk (54 pages, PDF)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Event: 7th Digital Magazine Media Conference Digital Innovators' Summit Berlin, 24-25 March 2014

Next week the Digital Innovators' Summit goes in its 7th round and will bring together a big crowd of 500 from 35 plus countries. The event in Germany's capital Berlin on 24-25 March 2014, is held at the Deutsche Telekom Representative Office [Franzoesische Strasse 33 a-c, 0117 Berlin] and is hosted as in previous years by FIPP, VDZ and emediaSF.

Some Highlights from the 2014 Digital Innovators Summit

Scott Lamb, Buzzfeed (USA)
Buzzfeed - Understanding the Art & Science of Social Sharing

Miranda Mulligan, Northwestern University Knight Lab (USA)
Innovating Journalism at the Intersection of Media and Technology

Ed O’Keefe, NowThis News (USA) | Slides (PDF)
Native Storytelling for Mobile and Social

Juan Señor and John Wilpers, Innovation Media Consulting Group (USA, UK) | Slides (PDF)
Presenting the findings and 5th Edition of 'Digital Innovations in Magazine Media'

James Mann, Financial Times (UK)
FT's B2B digital strategy - Changing the Relationship with the Customer

Thomas Balduff, Janrain (USA)
Data: It's not how big. It's how you use it

Peter Holsback, Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen (Norway),
Petteri Vainikka, Enreach Solutions AB (Sweden)
The Value of Data to Publishers

The Future Media Lab. Workshop “Technology Disruptions”
Marcel Boulogne, EU Commission DG CONNECT (Belgium), Joelle Frijters, Improve Digital (The Netherlands), Bernard Cools, Space (Belgium)

some Speakers' slidedecks from the DIS Digital Innovators' Summit 2014 

Via / more  Program | Speaker | Registration

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