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Monday, August 11, 2014

Gartner's 2014 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

It's the 20th Anniversary of the Gartner Hype Cycle and maps the journey to becoming digital businesses, identifying and employing the right technologies at the right time.

From the release 11-August-2014:

The Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies report is the longest-running annual Hype Cycle, providing a cross-industry perspective on the technologies and trends that business strategists, chief innovation officers, R&D leaders, entrepreneurs, global market developers and emerging technology teams should consider in developing emerging-technology portfolios.  
"The Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies is the broadest aggregate Gartner Hype Cycle, featuring technologies that are the focus of attention because of particularly high levels of hype, or those that Gartner believes have the potential for significant impact," said Jackie Fenn, vice president and Gartner fellow. "Enterprises should use this Hype Cycle to identify which technologies are emerging and use the concept of digital business transformation to identify which business trends may result."   more

The next stage of development, according to Gartner is

Stage 5: Digital Business

Digital Business is the first post-nexus stage on the road map and focuses on the convergence of people, business and things. The Internet of Things and the concept of blurring the physical and virtual worlds are strong concepts in this stage. Physical assets become digitalized and become equal actors in the business value chain alongside already-digital entities, such as systems and apps. 3D printing takes the digitalization of physical items further and provides opportunities for disruptive change in the supply chain and manufacturing. The ability to digitalize attributes of people (such as the health vital signs) is also part of this stage. Even currency (which is often thought of as digital already) can be transformed (for example, cryptocurrencies). Enterprises seeking to go past the Nexus of Forces technologies to become a digital business should look to these additional technologies:

Bioacoustic Sensing; Digital Security; Smart Workspace; Connected Home; 3D Bioprinting Systems; Affective Computing; Speech-to-Speech Translation; Internet of Things; Cryptocurrencies; Wearable User Interfaces; Consumer 3D Printing; Machine-to-Machine Communication Services; Mobile Health Monitoring; Enterprise 3D Printing; 3D Scanners; Consumer Telematics.

See also
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and more Hype Cycle 2014 at

Monday, June 30, 2014

Innovation in Newspapers World Report 2014 | 16th edition as ePaper + pPaper

Annual Survey by the Innovation International Media Consulting Group for WAN-IFRA
by John Burke, Juan Antonio Giner, Juan Señor, Marta Torres.

Published June 2014
114  pages, English
eBook   90.75 € (PDF, Download)
eBook   free for members (PDF, Download)
pBook  181.50 € (plus postage)


I didn't have the chance yet, to look inside the report, but I am deeply convinced that innovations in news business (and journalism) are still urgently and thoughtful needed, we are not even halfway there. And I do not mean innovation as life-prolonging measure for long-standing and for more and more outdated for many people, especially the young (...), but innovations that help (and educate) users to develop and enhance their personal news consume pattern. From getting the news (the news finds me in time, at the right place, in context), absorbing, working, sharing and discussing (and expanding) on news and archive, retrieve, remix and re-"publish" such news in context ...  Today, I can (only) share the

Table of Content

Friday, May 16, 2014

The New York Times Internal Innovation Report [Update]

Joshua Benton - on - calls the leaked New York Times innovation report one of the key documents of this media age.

After a shorter (worked on) public version (11 pages) distributed by the New York Times Comp.

1. Create a newsroom audience development team
2. Create a newsroom analytics team
3. Create a newsroom strategy team
4. Collaborate with the reader-focused departments on the business side
5. Prioritize digital hiring to help the digital-first transition

see my Facebook post May 12, 2014

BuzzFeed Business has now published a leaked, full version (91 pages, 5 pages are missing) and at least everyone subscribed to this Blog should study the report. In case you want first to find out whether it is worthwhile, read Joshua Benton piece at The leaked New York Times innovation report one of the key documents of this media age which is spelling out some additional highlights in the report for the ROW to know.

[BuzzFeed Business shared document was missing 5 pg. - so I replaced the document with ...]

Monday, March 24, 2014

Out: Innovations in Magazine Media 2014: Roadmap for Magazine Media Strategy

Today at the Digital Innovation Summit, Berlin the Magazine publishing association FIPP and the Innovation International Media Consulting Group presented the 2014 Edition of  the 'Innovations in Magazine Media' World Report.

Some key findings 
  • Native advertising is revolutionizing the world of content, advertiser-magazine relationships, advertiser-reader relationships, and revenue models
  • Big data is putting serious science and analysis behind every decision we make in magazine publishing, from content to advertising to new products
  • Mobile will be the dominant platform for information distribution and consumption and it is so revolutionary that some are calling it a “do-over” chance for legacy media who got the whole internet thing so terribly wrong 
  • Programmatic advertising suddenly appears on its way to becoming the way most ads will be sold and scheduled
  • Video has become the most effective, most powerful, and fastest-growing method of delivering content and advertising to the largest audience, all in ways that are increasingly accessible to all publishers.

The Innovations in Magazine Media 2014 World Report delivers on 156 pages great information on (e.g.)
  • Paywalls, content sales, eCommerce, mCommerce, programmatic advertising, publishing frequency, print innovations, personalization, Google Glass, eNewsletters, and more
  • BuzzFeed, Condé Nast, The Huffington Post, Atlantic Media, Virgin, Pepsi, Forbes, The Washington Post, Hearst, Microsoft, The Guardian, OgilvyOne, Nivea, Elle, and Netflix to name a few brands featured in the report
  • Insight from Google, ZenithOptimedia, Nielsen, Reuters, Digiday, eMarketer, and GfK.

The Innovations in Magazine Media 2014 report is available in print and digital here 

Juan Señor and John Wilpers, Innovation Media Consulting Group (USA, UK) 

presenting their findings at DISummit 2014

Slidedesk (54 pages, PDF)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Event: 7th Digital Magazine Media Conference Digital Innovators' Summit Berlin, 24-25 March 2014

Next week the Digital Innovators' Summit goes in its 7th round and will bring together a big crowd of 500 from 35 plus countries. The event in Germany's capital Berlin on 24-25 March 2014, is held at the Deutsche Telekom Representative Office [Franzoesische Strasse 33 a-c, 0117 Berlin] and is hosted as in previous years by FIPP, VDZ and emediaSF.

Some Highlights from the 2014 Digital Innovators Summit

Scott Lamb, Buzzfeed (USA)
Buzzfeed - Understanding the Art & Science of Social Sharing

Miranda Mulligan, Northwestern University Knight Lab (USA)
Innovating Journalism at the Intersection of Media and Technology

Ed O’Keefe, NowThis News (USA) | Slides (PDF)
Native Storytelling for Mobile and Social

Juan Señor and John Wilpers, Innovation Media Consulting Group (USA, UK) | Slides (PDF)
Presenting the findings and 5th Edition of 'Digital Innovations in Magazine Media'

James Mann, Financial Times (UK)
FT's B2B digital strategy - Changing the Relationship with the Customer

Thomas Balduff, Janrain (USA)
Data: It's not how big. It's how you use it

Peter Holsback, Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen (Norway),
Petteri Vainikka, Enreach Solutions AB (Sweden)
The Value of Data to Publishers

The Future Media Lab. Workshop “Technology Disruptions”
Marcel Boulogne, EU Commission DG CONNECT (Belgium), Joelle Frijters, Improve Digital (The Netherlands), Bernard Cools, Space (Belgium)

some Speakers' slidedecks from the DIS Digital Innovators' Summit 2014 

Via / more  Program | Speaker | Registration

Touchpoints im Social Web
Twitter    Hashtag   #disummit  |  Facebook  |  Google+

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

FIPP: Innovations in Magazine Media 2013 World Report

At the Digital Innovators Summit 2013, Berlin in mid-March FIPP & the Innovation International Media Consulting Group presented the 'Innovations in Magazine Media Report 2013'.

Juan Señor, John Wilpers and Juan Antonio Giner and many contributors have gathered about 80 innovations around the world that could help keep the magazine media alive, to prolong the life time of magazines, to keep / add the benefit of magazines for the users, to adapt to changes in user behavior, and/or trying to invent media magazines new.

The Magazin Innovations Report 2013 is available in print, in digital edition and app formats [plus Webinar on March 13, 2013].

Pricing and Order information at

From the FIPP release:
"Innovations' case studies cover:
Advertising innovations: Coca-Cola.FM hand in hand with JWT and Capricho magazine, Nexus, Time Dog, Bradesco Car Insurance, Volkswagen, CW Network and Entertainment Weekly, Dolce & Gabbana and Marie Claire
The magazine as retailer: Net-a-Porter
Making your app appetising: Glamour Personal Shopper, National Geographic, The Atavist, Popular Science, British Journal of Photography
Personalisation: Harper’s Bazaar, Action Commerciale, Drawbridge
eSingles: Cosmopolitan, The Atlantic
Magazines making a buzz: the UK’s Covered, Brazil’s Mundo Estranho, Germany’s YPS, Southern African Tourism Update, Wired in the UK and Marie Claire in the US
Person of the year: Roberto Civita, Abril Group
Video delivers: Esquire
The future of magazines: Visions from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
The future of paper: Paper Four, graphene, Interactive Newsprint
Lead generation: Zinio, iba, Next Issue Media,
Campaign journalism: Planeta Sustentável
HTML5 makes an impact:, ESPN Magazine, The Economist’s Electionism
Making social media work for you: commerce, tips and tricks, best use of social media by magazines ..."

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12/13.: Digital Innovators' Summit 2012, Berlin - Live - [Day 1]

More about the program | here

Live blogging - updated and reworked, March 14, 2012
THX to @all Co-Tweeter and Journalist covering the Digital Innovators Summit 2012 in Berlin
#DISummit  [some under #DISummit12 ]

Opening ~ tenish

by Chris Llewellyn, President & CEO, FIPP, UK
by Alexander von Reibnitz, Managing Director Print Advertising & Digital Media, VDZ, Germany

Moderator and Master of Ceremonies will be again Mike Hewitt (now Adaugeo Media)

Mark Wood (Future UK) starts of with a 'Strategic Overview'

- Future has 70 titles on Apple Newsstand, 11 mio. downloads, 5 mio. opt-ins
- Niches have some advantages. People spend money on Special Interest, even in bad times
- High(est) Hope in Tablets for paid editions, we make our own apps, 80 % outside UK.
- Making interactive tablet ads for our advertisers is a new growth area for us.

Future started as print publishers, now we are hybrid e.g. on websites, tablets, mobile, facebook and twitter ... and more changes and challenges are ahead.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

GE-Report: Global Innovation Barometer - Driver, Impact, Leaders

1000 business executives in 12 countries say, the new frontier in innovation will be driven by creativity, localization, and integration. They believe the greatest innovations will address human needs and see USA, Germany and Japan as the most innovative countries ... more

What drives Innovation?

What is the impact of innovation?

Which countries lead in innovation?

Full GE-Report at (25 pg., PDF)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Helge Tenno: the "Future Media - No More Middle Men" Collection

from / more Ralf Schwartz lead/marke Net

Future Media
View more from Helge Tennø.
"The Author, Helge Tenno [ @congbo ], works as a Planner for SDG, helping brands and organizations discover WHY they are valuable in consumers lives, and HOW they can create deliberate value on the arenas and inside the interfaces where they connect with them." 

Great Job, Helge! ...
Btw. you can use this great loocking charts under CC, or of course, buy from Helge

Sunday, March 14, 2010

FIPP: Innovations in Magazines Report 2010 World Report is now available

This 100 pg. Report (in print and digital format) gives you a great overview and lots of ideas on many innovative initiatives to increase magazine reach, relevance, revenue, and readership on a global scale

Case studies incl.

- Augmented reality, 2D tags, video
- Online payment models
- Tablets, eReaders and eZines
- Reality TV, gaming, social media, blogazines, magazines as curators
- Paper made from stone, magazines on a t-shirt, on a Frisbee or in a can, scented pages

Content table:

PROFILE Jack Griffin: portrait of success.
TABLETS New platform offers unprecedented opportunities.
2D TAGS Point your phone, snap a picture, watch a video, buy something.
MAG TV Magazine TV station.
PAPER PREMIUM Flow magazine brings back the pleasure of paper.
EMBEDDED VIDEO Video in print pages.
REALITY MAGS keep venerable title ageless.
GAMING Explore tombs, save the world with your magazine.
VERTICAL BRANDING Singular focus Hungarian magazine.
MOBILE Mobile platforms magazines.
BRAND INTEGRATION One recipe for success.
SINGLE-COPY/NEWSSTAND Magazine retailing.
DISTRIBUTION Digital content.
GREEN INITIATIVES Can you be more green and profitable?
FUSION JOURNALISM Blending the disparate.
CONTENT IS KING Social media is not the magic bullet.
COVERS Laws for perfect covers.
ADVERTISING Cover ads breaking a taboo.
EZINES What print publications only dream about.
BLOGAZINES Attracting the female reader.
TEENS Online strategy.
DIGITAL CONTENT SALES Online paying models.
MULTI-PLATFORM BRANDING BBC’s “good food” brand.
EDITORS AS CURATORS Content from cyberspace.
CUSTOMISATION Personalization.
SOCIAL MEDIA Go to them.
ODD MAGS Wacky formats.
MAGTWEETS Information bytes.

The study has been prepared by Juan Señor and John Wilpers at Innovation Media Consulting Group on behalf of FIPP.

The Report 'Innovations in Magazines 2010' can be ordered on paper or ePaper at Website. If you want additional information about the report you can eMail Helen Bland at helen (at)

Btw., Innovation Media Consulting also prepared the "Innovations in Newspapers World Report' for/with WAN.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Innovative Application: Automated Twitter Service NPRbackstory

How News service provider (e.g. Broadcasters, Newspapers) archives and a Twitter (alike) application creates a useful service, useful promotion of eCommerce.

In short you monitor what people search (Google, twitter search, Wikipedia stats), query your (or any other) archives and deliver (offer) relevant archived material to services people who might look for relevant stories and background ... and channels the might use to retrieve them

Four components work together

NPR's API (to access (NPR's) archive)
Google' Hot Trends (to sniff trends)
Yahoo Pipes (to create feeds)
Twitter (to deliver) @NPRbackstory

By no means, NPRbackstory algorithm isn't perfect yet, but...

[ NPR thats National Public Radio]

via / more from Joshua Benton on NiemanJournalismLab

Don't stop here, thinking, o.k. that's for Broadcasters maybe Newspapers.

Imagine how it could work for you, if you are a / an

- publisher of periodicals (e.g. B2B, STM, SI, GI)
- book / music publisher / sellers
- libraries
- educational institutions
- political parties campaigning
- governments want to service / entertain your electorate
- journalist / editor
- advertiser / marketer

or what ever and implement it so it works for YOU!

Additional Tip:
Check what we posted under the label RSS
It also works for any PoD / DoD good you want to offer, want to sell

via Neville Hobson @jangles
Steve Gillmor: Rest in Peace, RSS

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why aren't books more like websites?

Or even magazines, for that matter? Or hell, like comic books? ... Zak Nelson was asking David Meerman Scott (author of 'New Rules of Marketing & PR') and shared this diagram to explain what he means

via / more at marcom professional

Yes, why is life (or can be) so exciting and books (often) are so boring, on paper and between front cover and verso?

More on Books

Friday, December 19, 2008

Folio: Magazine and Media Predictions 2009

Like in previous years Folio: ask publishers, editors, dealmakers, designer, and bloggers from the magazine & media industry to make their prediction for the world of magazines. Yesterday published 117 predictions and they tell about more bloodshed, casualty, some light, and a few antetypes in the business.

read - open for comments and additions

If you want to cross check who was right/wrong with her/his 2008 predictions ... here

Recommended, additional read:
Doom and gloom and rebirth
by Paul Conley

Friday, December 12, 2008

Marcel Weiss verzweifelt: Über die Unfähigkeit

bzw. den Unwillen von Verlagen und Medienmanagern (und anderen) dazu zu lernen, zur Anpassung ... hier (inkl. Diskussion)

Da steh ich immer noch, ich armer Tor und kann doch nichts anders! Bitte nehmt das Problem weg!

Frühere Einträge:
Best Practice: Staatliche Unterstützung für schwächelnde Zeitungen (in Schweden)

Nationale Initiative Rettet die Printmedien

Jürgen Habermas sorgt sich um die Qualitätspresse

Saturday, November 29, 2008

IBM's Predictions: Next Five in Five

Trends, innovations and emerging technologies (from IBM Lab's) that have the potential to change the way people work, live and play over the next five years:

- Energy saving solar technology will be built into asphalt, paint and windows
- You will have a crystal ball for your health
- You will talk to the Web . . . and the Web will talk back
- You will have your own digital shopping assistants
- Forgetting will become a distant memory

more / via IBM release

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rastlos: Innovator & Suchender in Sachen Advertising

Google lässt einfach nicht locker. In dieser Woche die Ankündigungen

Advertising in Games (Beta, US only)

Seit ein paar Wochen gibt automatisch spielende, quasi aufgezwungene post-roll Advertising am Ende eines Videoclips.

Natürlich gelingt nicht alles. Die User sind kritisch und/oder ignorant, und du brauchst Mut und Melkkühe (oder Goldesel) um Versuch & Irrtum zu finanzieren. Aber wenn traditionelle werbefinanzierte Unternehmungen auch nur halb so innovativ wären, wäre mir nicht halb so bange um 'meine' Branche ...

Btw., seit gestern gibt es auch einen neuen Versuch YouTube mit Click & Buy eCommerce zu einem auch kommerziellen Erfolg werden zu lassen ...

"We're getting started by embedding iTunes and links on videos from companies like EMI Music, and providing product links to the newly released video game Spore(TM) on videos from Electronic Arts. ..."

Google Turns On Text Ads In Google Maps

Google to Sell TV Ads for NBC Universal Networks

Google stellt 400 lokale Anzeigenverkäufer ein

Gold Rush: Is YouTube Google Goldmine?

'The Bourne Ultimatum' goes Google

Google is testing Visual Ads in Search Results

Google New Gadget Ads Format

Google verkauft jetzt Printanzeigen für 225 Newspapers

Google verkauft Radio Ads für Clear Channel Radio

Google 'AdSense For Video' Starts Testing

Google baut an der größte Marketing-Plattform der Welt

Google to Measure Offline Media Results Online

Google Publication Ads in Chicago Newspaper

Ob da nicht so mancher Werbetreibende auf den 'abwegigen' Gedanken, dass die Zukunft des Advertising wohl nicht bei den traditionellen Medien liegt?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nachdenklich: Fachmedien sollen mit Inhalten und Kundenbeziehungen - ihren Pfunden - wuchern

beschreibt Margret Schneider vom VDE-Verlag, in der neuen Ausgabe des 'Letter' dem Informations-Service der Deutschen Fachpresse, als die Botschaft, welche vom Fachpresse Kongress in Wiesbaden ausgegangen sei.

Der Text klingt so ganz anders als die Reports der Kollegen, die auf dem Kongress in Wiesbaden dabei waren. Zum Beispiel Ehrhardt F. Heinold: Parallelwelten einer Branche im Wandel: Der Fachpresse-Kongress 2008

Für mich ist 'unsere Pfunde' eine gewagte, eine gefährlich Formulierung, die sich hoffentlich nicht bestätigend auf das Verhalten von Fachmedien und Fachverlegern auswirkt. Nach meiner Vorstellung sind uns weder die Inhalte, noch die Kundenbeziehungen 'geschenkt', sie sind bestenfalls 'geliehen' zur Aufbewahrung, zum intelligenten, professionellem Umgang und zur sorgsamen Pflege. Inhalte, Beziehungen und Vertrauen können uns auch jederzeit wieder 'weggenommen' werden. Und sie werden uns ganz sich weggenommen und jemand anderem anvertraut, wenn wir mit diesen 'Schätzen' nicht zum Wohle und Vorteil unserer Kunden umgehen.

Unsere Geschäfte setzen auf präsumtiven Beziehungen zwischen Produkten / Dienstleistungen und den Nachfragern / Nutzern auf und um erfolgreich zu sein, müssen wir einen Mehrwert für diese Beziehung generieren und uns im Wettbewerb mit anderen messen (und messen lassen).

Natürlich weiß ich auch, dass es viel Traute kostet ein 'bewährtes Modell' über den Haufen zu werfen, solange sich der Leidensdruck noch in Grenzen hält. Aber auf Dauer wird es nicht gut gehen, die 'neuen Modelle' immer durch andere erfinden zu lassen und dann zu hoffen, diese neuen Wettbewerber rechtzeitig zu imitieren oder zu schlucken, bevor sie zu mächtig geworden sind.

Ich wünsche mir von den Fachmedien und Fachverlegern, dass sie die Innovationstreiber in Medien-Dienstleistungen sind und sich nicht auf ihren Pfründen ausruhen.

Frühere Einträge:
Nachlese: Fachpresse Kongress 2008, Wiesbaden

Das Geheimtreffen der deutschen Fachpresse im Kurhaus geht weiter

B2B Werbetrendstudie der Deutschen Fachpresse

Will B2B Advertising Networks do the Job?

Alle Beiträge zum Thema 'Fachmedien'

Thursday, June 19, 2008

News aktuell media coffee, Berlin: Was bleibt von Print, Radio und TV

Die News aktuell offizielle bzw. Jens Petersen Version im Format eines Live-Blogs auf

media coffee im Post-Rundfunkänderungsstaatsvertrags-Zeitalter
Dagmar Reim über den heiligen Mathias (Döpfner)
Frank Syré über Versäumnisse der Medienpolitiker
VPRT-Präsident Jürgen Doetz gratuliert Dagmar Reim vom RBB
Bascha Mika über die Web-Strategie der taz
Dagmar Reim über den Altersdurchschnitt ihrer Zuschauer
Bascha Mika über die Zukunft von Zeitungen
... Und Schlusspfiff! (2:0 für Russland)

alles unter dem Datum 18.06.2008 auf

Die erste Nostalgie-Veranstaltung dieser Woche mit einer Zeitreise zurück in die gute alte Medienwelt (ja auch Gutenberg sind wir begegnet) und wie man sich im Gestern und Jetzt festklammert, ist vorüber.

Gefühlte 75 % ging es um die Debatte "Was die Öffentlich-Rechtlichen dürfen sollen, müssen sollen, können können bzw. was die Privaten können könnten, machen sollten, tun müssten aus dem Blickpunkt der Medien. Lobbyisten und Medienpolitiker und (großzügig) gefühlte 5 % darum was Print, Radio und TV tun können / müssen um ihre Brötchengeber nicht zu verlieren (die Öffentlich-Rechtlichen gebührenhalber ausgenommen).

Ganz sicher wäre es besser, zukunftsgerichteter gewesen, man hätte sich auf dem Pdium mit den Chancen (und damit auch den Risiken) von Print, Radio und TV im Internet beschäftigt und damit wie man geneigten Nutzern 'Brot und Spiele' anbieten kann.

Vielleicht hätte es auch schon gereicht, wenn der Moderator Kai-Hinrich Renner Format, Inhalt und Carrier ein wenig auseinandergehalten hätte und die Teilnehmer ein wenig informierter, kritischer und mutiger gewesen wären, ...

Ob's bei den Zukunftsgespräche des Inforadio des rbb - im Rahmen des Berliner Bücherfestes, am 21. Juni in Berlin
Zur Digitalisierung der Verlagswelt wesentlich anders läuft?
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