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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Zenith: Ranking of the Top 30 Global Media Owners 2016 (with data from 2014)

Digital Giants Tighten Their Grip on Top Media Owner Ranking
Alphabet (the new name for Google’s holding company) has increased its lead as the world’s largest media owner in the new ranking published today by Zenith. The company’s media revenues total US$60bn, 166% more than its nearest rival’s, Walt Disney. Alphabet has steadily pulled away from Disney over the past few years; last year it was 136% larger than Disney, up 21% on the previous year.

The Top Thirty Global Media Owners report is a unique ranking of the world’s largest media companies by media revenue, as estimated by Zenith. The report was launched in 2007 and was last published by Zenith in 2015. Zenith defines media revenue as all revenue deriving from businesses that support advertising, to determine which companies are most important for the marketing industry.*
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Monday, May 04, 2015

Medieninnovations-Monitoring: Treiber, Trends und Ansätze

Klaus Goldhammer [Goldmedia] stellte am 29. April 2015 auf dem Medieninnovationstag der BLM den im Auftrag der Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien erstellten Medieninnovations-Monitor vor.

Das Slidedeck fasst die gewonnenen Erkenntnisse des Monitorings übersichtlich dar.

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Monday, February 09, 2015

In Eigener Sache: Facebook Page

Sie / Ihr seid interessiert an Themen rund um Media, Marketing und eCommerce? Aber seht nur wenige (oder keine) postings auf in Ihrer / Eurer Timeline? Versäumt oder erhaltet (nur) verspätet interessante Informationen, Tipps, Nachlesenswertes und Studienhinweis zu

Das Grafik zeigt die 'Reichweite' einige Einträge der letzten Tage (aus über 300 Likes)

 Natürlich freuen wir uns über jedes Like für die Facebook Page

Sicherstellen, dass Sie unsere Postings auch erreichen, können Sie / Ihr mittels des Page-Feeds.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

JEGI M&A Report 2014 vs 2013 (1st half): Value of deals + 132 %, Number of deals + 6 %

from / via The Jordan, Edmiston Group Inc. press release 
New York, NY June 30, 2014
The media, information, marketing and technology sectors saw 752 transactions announced in the first half of 2014, at a total value of $64.4 billion.  Deal volume increased by 6% from 1H 2013, but with the help of Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of mobile messaging application WhatsApp in February and several other large transactions, deal value more than doubled from 1H 2013’s $27.8 billion.  Twenty four large transactions with $500+ million price tags accounted for 71% of total announced deal value but only 3% of deal volume.  In contrast, small deals under $50 million drove 83% of deal volume in 1H 2014...
The first half of 2014 saw nine mega deals hitting the $1 billion+ mark

(quote from the release)
- Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion;
- CVC Capital Partners and Leonard Green & Partners acquisition of Advantage Sales & Marketing, a sales and marketing agency that specializes in growing brands in the consumer packaged goods industry, from Apax Partners for $4 billion;
- Priceline acquisition of restaurant reservation solutions provider OpenTable for $2.6 billion;
- Charterhouse Capital Partners acquisition of SkillSoft, a provider of on-demand training and e-learning solutions, for a reported $2.3 billion;
- Berkshire Partners acquisition of a majority stake in Catalina Marketing Corporation, a provider of consumer-driven marketing solutions to brand manufacturers, retailers and health providers, in a deal valued at approximately $2 billion;
- Cox Enterprises acquisition of a 25% stake in AutoTrader Group, a digital automotive marketplace for car shoppers and sellers, for $1.8 billion;
- KKR acquisition of Internet Brands, operator of media and e-commerce sites related to consumer purchases, from Hellman & Friedman for $1.1 billion;
- Hellman & Friedman acquisition of a majority stake in Renaissance Learning, a provider of computer-based assessment technology and school improvement programs, for $1.1 billion; and
- Relativity Media acquisition of Fullscreen, a digital media company that builds next-generation channels and networks on YouTube, for nearly $1 billion, according to several sources.

Leading M&A Sectors 1st Half 2014:
Mobile Media & Technology + Marketing Services + Technology

Download JEGI's Full M&A Report (PDF)

Monday, June 03, 2013

ZenithOptimedia 's Top 30 Global Media Owners

via / more Release 28-May-2013 'Google takes top position in global media owner rankings' (PDF)
"The four internet media owners on our list (Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!) generated US$49.2 bn in revenue from internet advertising in 2011, out of the total US$77 bn spent on internet advertising around the world. Google alone accounted for 49% of the world’s internet ad expenditure, while Yahoo! (in 15th position) accounted for 6%, and Microsoft (26th) and Facebook (27th) accounted for 4% each." ... 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

OC&C Digital Activity Index 2012 - die Medienbranche

Der OC & C Digital Activity Index rankt Online-, Social-Media- und Mobile-Aktivitäten von Unternehmen in 10 Branchen [und die Researcher haben das sicher ganz toll gemacht (oder gedacht)].

Wenn ich mir das Ergebnis für unsere Branche Medien & Broadcaster anschaue, frage ich mich allerdings leicht verwirrt, an welchen Kriterien man das wohl gemessen, validiert und hochgelobt hat ...

- die besten Websites im Feld
- Nummer 3 in der Kategorie Social Media
- Nummer 5 in der Kategorie Mobile

Beispiel Spiegel

Die Website des Spiegel's erreicht im Digital Activity Index sage und schreibe 9,8 (out of 10), die absolute Nr. 1 über alle Branchen hinweg - ich finde, ehrlich gesagt, die Spiegel Website eher sub-optimal - in jeder Beziehung. Die dürftigen Spiegel Social Media Aktivitäten mit 8,3 (Platz 4, mit FMCG) und auch die 8.0 Mobile Aktivitäten sind wohl der Tatsache geschuldet, dass der Rest der Gruppe in den Augen der Tester noch schlechter performt, oder?

Hier gibt es die OC&C Insights zum Nachlesen (PDF)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PwC's Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2012 - 2016

The challenge for media companies now lies in how to implement their digital strategies (if they have any), says Marcel Fenez, introducing the PwC's Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2012 - 2016.

Is these now the end of the digital revolution - but maybe there was no revolution (within the Media Industry) as many publishers were waited too long and some are still waiting, for the free tickets, the free lunch - or the end of the digital beginning, the "loss of innocence" for financial professionals, controllers, journalists, marketers, sales, etc. trying, without the faintest idea of media technology, programming and systems, to run a media service company nowadays?

Key stats from PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2012-2016

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Oliver Wyman Studie 'State of the Media Industry 2012'

beruht auf einer Umfrage der Managementberatung Oliver Wyman, durchgeführt von August bis November 2011 bei 150 Führungskräften von Medienunternehmen weltweit. Über die Verteilung "weltweit" (die Gruppe Marsh&McLennan selbst, ist in 25 Ländern vertreten) und die Art und Größe der Medienunternehmen gibt es keine Angaben.

Deshalb suchen wir nach überraschenden, qualitativen Aussagen und Empfehlungen, die wir im folgenden darstellen ....

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Vielleicht interessiert Sie "PEW: The State of the News Media 2011" ?
(Seit März 2012 ist jetzt die Ausgabe 2012 publiziert 2012)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Folio's 2011 US Consumer Magazine Survey

from / more at

Some results:

How much of your company's revenue will come / came from this sources?

Expected Profitability 2011

"... this year consumer publishers are focused on implementing new strategies and trying to make them work (55 percent of larger consumer publishers and 40 percent of smaller consumer publishers said revenue diversification was a priority this year."
Top Priorities in 2011

The survey was conducted in July / August 2011, calculated with 170 usable responses.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Gartner Hype Cycle for Media Industry Publishing 2011

Published by Gartner, Inc. on July 27, 2011

On the Rise
Social Magazines
Content Optimization
Digital Watermarking
Context-Enriched Content

At the Peak
Enhanced E-Books
Broadband-Connected Televisions
Digital Magazines
Mobile Coupons
Social Media Marketing Platforms
Media Tablet
Over-the-Top Set-Top Boxes
Online Video Publishing Platform Providers

Sliding Into the Trough
Master Data Management
E-Book Readers
Mobile Advertising

Climbing the Slope
Consumer-Generated Media
Electronic Paper
Intellectual Property Rights and Royalties Management Software
Location-Based Services

Entering the Plateau
Location-Aware Technology

Off the Hype Cycle
Consumer Content Creation Tools
Rich-Media Search Technologies

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Q&A Interview with Jack Myers - Media Advisory Group on Video

Weisler Media LLC shared six videos Jack Myers talks with Charlene Weisler about his background, his ideas about the future of media, trends he anticipates for the forseable future and more. Head over to Weisler Media Blog to see all of them ... here

Lets share two interviews clips (of six) from YouTube

The Media Timeline
- the evolution of new media platfoms and business models - and how it will all be monetized

Jack Myers Predictions for 2010
- media trends for the next ten years

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Edelman Trustbarometer 2011 vs 2010: The Media

on January 25, 2011 Edelman published their 11th annual Trustbarometer (PDF)

Maybe I was to much occupied with #25Jan, and didn't see all the reporting on the development of trust in media according to Edelman Trustbarometer, maybe not. So I want to share today some charts with you esteemed readers interested in the future (and tasks) of media (you might have seen already).

The old world shows lowest trust in media
(Top10 GDP countries)

First place you go for company information
- [of course you don't go Social Media, you are there]

Example USA: Trust in Media performs disastrously

Some material I used for this post | for more: ---> GIYF
2011 Edelman Trust Barometer Findings (PDF)
2011 Edelman Trust Barometer Executive Sumnary (PDF)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Die 50 größten Medienkonzerne 2009 der Welt

1. The Walt Disney Company (Burbank / USA) € 25,917 Mrd.
2. Comcast Corp. (Philadelphia / USA) € 25,635 Mrd.
3. News Corp. Ltd. (New York / USA) € 21,812 Mrd.
4. Viacom Inc./CBS Corp. (New York / USA) € 19,095 Mrd.
5. Time Warner Inc. (New York / USA) € 18,487 Mrd.

In aller Bescheidenheit nehmen deutsche Medienkonzerne (Hauptsitz) nach Umsätzen 2009 die folgenden Plätze ein

  7. Bertelsmann AG (Gütersloh / Deutschland) € 15,364 Mrd.
17. ARD (Berlin/ Deutschland) € 6,385 Mrd.
42. ProSiebenSat.1 (Unterföhring / Deutschland) € 2,761 Mrd.
44. Axel Springer AG (Berlin / Deutschland) € 2,612 Mrd.
50. Hubert Burda Media Holding Gmbh & Co. (Offenburg / Deutschland) € 2,297 Mrd.
* Burda's Platzierung basiert auf 2008er Werten, die rückläufigen Umsätze in 2009 standen dem IfM nicht rechtzeitig zur Verfügung

Die komplette Liste der IfM Mediendatenbank

Saturday, April 17, 2010

pBook: The Indian Media Business

3rd edition is out

by Vanita Kohli-Khandekar
Softcover, 412 pages, English
Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 978-8132102359

Covering India's Media Business in

- Print
- Television
- Film
- Music
- Radio
- Telecommunications
- Internet
- Out-of-Home (New)
- Events (New)

From the blurb:

The Third Edition of Khandekar's book moves away from the first two in many ways. It has two new chapters—on events and out-of-home media—segments not covered by any business book so far. It has case studies on a host of companies and issues-from The Times Group to the future of newspapers to why the Indian animation business can't take off.

The biggest difference however is that it tackles, for the first time, textural issues within various industry segments. There is a portion on ethics and falling standards in Indian media and on private treaties. It tells you why TV broadcasting is going to be in trouble for some years to come, why the film industry is destined for bigger things and why telecom operators will have a tough time becoming media barons.

This is in addition to the book's basic promise of being an in-depth study of the Indian media business. It provides, as usual, the business history, dynamics, technology, regulation, valuation norms and industry trends in print, television, film, radio, music, internet, telecom, out-of-home media and events.

Vanita's LinkedIn Profile

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Helge Tenno: the "Future Media - No More Middle Men" Collection

from / more Ralf Schwartz lead/marke Net

Future Media
View more from Helge Tennø.
"The Author, Helge Tenno [ @congbo ], works as a Planner for SDG, helping brands and organizations discover WHY they are valuable in consumers lives, and HOW they can create deliberate value on the arenas and inside the interfaces where they connect with them." 

Great Job, Helge! ...
Btw. you can use this great loocking charts under CC, or of course, buy from Helge
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