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Monday, September 24, 2007

Social Media & Citizen Journalism in Poland

Source: Paweł Nowacki

Paweł Nowacki's, Chief-editor (means: news24) answers to Shel Israel's Question about the situation and outlook of Social Media and Citizen Journalism gives a short overview and some actual figures of what is going on in Poland and why it might be going so well ... the Interview is online at Shel's Global Neighbourhoods

SAP Global Survey: Poland's Paweł Nowacki

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Social Media Scene in Russia

Shel Israel interviewed Rostislav Vylegzhanin ( for his SAP Global Media Report

"LiveJournal has a real impact on Russian social and political life. LiveJournal in Russia became the place where Russian citizen society is forming. I think the influence of blogs and especially blogs in LiveJournal on Russian life will increase in the next years ..."

The full interview

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Social Media in the Czech Republic

Martin Malý (founder , Dev::info) from CZ answered Shel's question for the SAP Global Media Report:

From Martin's answers:
"Czechs take it like other things on Internet, more as fun than serious. There are some localized Czech social media sites. The best-known Czech language are:

- ( "the people") One of the first Czech social networks, founded in 1998. It provides personalized home pages with photos, messages, lists of friends etc., as well as blogs, chat rooms,the user forum etc. has more than one million registered user profiles (10% of the population).

- ("the dating office") - social network primary focused on making acquaintances.

- ("the classmates") It's a place where people can find their classmates, talk with them, arrange alumni meetings, or share photos or documents.

- ( "do you like me?") has 200,000 daily visits, provides similar services to

Clones, often as parts of big portals or web news servers. There is a tendency to try to offer everything on one big site. We have three big portals, each with its own e-mail, blog system, web journal, search engine, catalog, map server, multi-language dictionary, social network, ad network. Then there are three big newspaper sites, which tend to offer it all as well. Collaboration is not usual on the Czech Internet." ...

The full interview at
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