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Freitag, Dezember 31, 2004

Have Magazines a future with their readers?

Tom writes at The Media Drop about the findings of as study done by Meg Weaver, Wooden Horse Publishing from and witten about in

She writes about the hundreds of magazines launch every year and at the same time missing growth or even decline in circulation. She writes ...

"Contrary to what every first-year marketing student is taught (“build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path ... ”), magazine publishers seem content to follow each other like lemmings. There are disappointingly few uniquely designed mousetraps, just the same kind of magazines we’ve seen come out of publishing houses for decades. And when a fresh idea appears, like the “shopping” magazines started by Condé Nast’s Lucky in 2000, any publisher who can afford to start such a magazine jumps on the bandwagon. "

I could add many more examples for this practice also in Germany and anywhere in the world. But there are exceptions to this practice and I see a couple of good ideas which need their first implementation (publisher). Mail me if you want one!

Tom also writes that he (I) "has quite a few thoughts on this matter to share, but am still in data-gathering mode, so it'll be something to look forward to after the New Year. Feel free to drop your comments and questions on this post or in my (his) inbox if you prefer".

Happy New Year!

Mittwoch, Dezember 22, 2004

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