Mittwoch, Januar 26, 2005

US Tech magazine ad pages down 5.9% and up 1 % in 2004

btob magazine reports Jan. 26, 2004:
According to UBS CMP Media ad pages in US technology magazines decreased 5.9% in 2004 versus 2003.

American Business Media released January 21, 2005 their figures for Jan - Nov 2004:

Business-to-business ad pages increased 3.7% in November compared to the year ago period, according to the Business Information Network (BIN) report released today by American Business Media. Ad revenue rose 7.0% for November. Year-to-date spending was up 3.7% and ad pages were up 1.2%.

ABM's data always coming out very late, so we don't know what they will report for 2004. But Gordon Hughes (ABM's President) said in this release:

"Our prediction of 2% to 4% ad revenue growth for 2004 (USA) seems to be right on target. In 2005, we are expecting to see 3% to 4% growth once again."