Dienstag, Februar 22, 2005

Happy 5th Birthday "OhmyNews"!

On February 22, 2000 OhmyNews, one of the front runners of citizen reporting, the Korean Website OhmyNews went online. Happy Birthday OhmyNews!

Oh Yeon Ho (he was a magazine journalist before he had his satory on citizen reporting) started this "venture" with 3 colleges and more than 700 Korean citizen reporters, has succeeded in starting this sign post of citizen publishing and is still full of ideas.

Today OhmyNews has about 14 mio. readers / users, about 37.000 reporter have signed the Citizen Reporter Agreement and Code of Ethics and about 17.000 have published on the website in one or the other way (reports, comments, critic, etc). The pay according to popularity (counting views, downloads) and introduced tipping (top result: more than 20.000 USD in just two days for Kim Young-Ok).

Meanwhile OhmyNews offers their reporters qualified training and most of the fulltime editors are converts (the other way round!). About 20 % of content comes now from full-time reporter and 80 % from citizen reporters. 70 per cent of the revenue is from advertising. OhmyNews went profitable in 2003 - and is still profitable and growing.

In 2003 OhmyNews started as a print edition (circulation is about 100.000), with Newscast Audio and Video on the Website - now even with a regular program schedule.

Since June 2004 OhmyNews International in English is Online (the only part I can read from OhmyNews) and working hard to build up their global citizen reporter network. In January 2005 they had their first gathering of its European citizen reporters in Bruxelles to understand more about what is going on in Europe and Europe's media szene and I'm sure there is more to come.

So if you are interested, check it out!

Here is OhmyNews simple and straight forward
OhmyNews Citizen Reporter Agreement and Code of Ethics