Mittwoch, Februar 23, 2005

Journalism is heading towards Citizen Journalism

In his column Stop The Presses at Editor&Publisher by Steven Outing, he explains very detailed and sharp why he thinks, the lecture model of journalism is dying - and the Newspaper business with it - if they don't join a conversation model of journalism.

I agree, that Newspaper need more to communicate and interact with their readers /users from all angle of the business: editorial, distribution, services and advertising, but must add, that there a many other threads the Newspaper business have to overcome in the near future, if they want to stay relevant.

But I don't think, that citizen-journalism will bring journalist-journalism and the Newspaper to die. But citizen-journalism will help the Newspaper people to get their act together and to serve their reader clients (and their changed information behavior) better.

I close this note, as the link will be soon behind E&P subscription wall (a subscription you should consider, as there is a lot of good and relevant stuff behind that gate).