Freitag, Februar 25, 2005

MPA spends 40 mio. USD to convince advertisers

that their readers identify with and enjoy magazines -- and their ads.

The Read On campaign of the Magazine Publishers Association of America plans to spend 40 mio. USD (including lots of barter, I guess) to convince advertisers and media decision maker that they are the best vehicle to reach "readers / potential clients" and getting them involved.

From the announcement it looks like that MBA feels strongly about taking out some money of TV ad spending budgets - Good luck!

Hopefully all the members of MBA are convinced about the role of magazines as an interactive media and brush up their engagement with their readers or users.

Read more about the campaign at Folio from Matt Klinsman

MPA to Fire $40 Million Shot Across TV's Bow on Monday

or in MBA's Press release from 23-Feb-2005:

Magazine Industry Launches Campaign to Promote the Enduring Power of Magazines to Engage Readers