Montag, Februar 21, 2005

Times Company and (more)


Doc Searls writes / found in his Weblog:

" has collected a pile of quotes from bloggers concerning the New York Times' purchase of

My fave is from Rex Hammock: The NYT is paying $410 million for a network of 500 weblogs that collectively have 22 million visitors each month. $410 million / 500 = $820,000 per weblog. "

and, the interviewed Martin Nisenholtz

From my own experience I must add:
of course you should always ask "How much do I pay for WHAT" ... and I'm sure that some one in the Times company must have a (still secret) plan, what do with their new possessions exept increasing their Online advertising inventary and why having 500 Weblogs and 22 mio. User now, is worth spending 820.000 USD for each Weblog and creating a competitive advantage against the ROW. We will see!