Dienstag, März 15, 2005

China Print Media Forum 2005, Beijing, PRC 25-26 April, 2005

This event is officially sponsored by GAPP, the top regulatory authority of Chinese print media industry. Chinese media organisations as well as foreign media companies are invited to attend the conference and discuss the best ways to restructure and consolidate Chinese print media in the near and long term.

The conference

Media Consolidation and Restructuring: China in the global perspective

will open up debates ranging from:

- how to explore the market potential through innovations in communications
- consolidation of media companies and growth of multimedia conglomerates
- looking at international and Chinese experience in both consumer and business-to-business (b2b) media
- how the capital market works for the media business
- how to work with the Chinese media including the agency and advertiser perspective and
- building an efficient and competitive national distribution system for print products.

Information and registration at http://www.wwm.cn

If you do not read & write Chinese, please write to Mr. Lu Xiang at lx@wwm.cn