Dienstag, März 22, 2005

The Global Home for Grassroots Media

Meanwhile I had the chance to look around at

Ourmedia.org The Global Home for Grassroots Media

and it is quit impressive what is in place right on the start! Beside being a place to share video, audio, photo, text and software for free, its hosting and promoting the Open Media, Open Media producer and a good place to exchange and network. Great work and Thank You!

Can I suggest to add or cooperate with an Open Media Academy (an online and offline blended learning place)! OhmyNews for example has done a great job in develop their collaborator and citizen reporters ...

On Digital-Lifestyles.info you can read an interview from Mike Slocombe with JD Lasica (one of the co-founder; new media musings). It gives some additional hints about Ourmedia.org further plans, how it financed and supported ... More

JD Lasica alread comments on digital-lifestyles.info report