Mittwoch, März 23, 2005

Newspapers Buy Into

Mike Masnick via Techdirt

"It's turning into quite a week for deals to be announced. Yahoo buys Flickr, Barry Diller buys Ask Jeeves and HP buys Snapfish. Next up, is which hasn't fully been bought out, but close enough.

The news aggregation site (which we (
techdirt) helped announce back when it launched) has carved itself up and sold off 25% each to three big newspaper players: Knight Ridder, Gannett and the Tribune Media Company. The folks at keep the remaining 25% ... " More ...

Following a road the news business "is moving on"? Try to re-integrate into their services what the reader / user want and they need for their ad revenue model?

See what the NYT has to say about that move ... (might need registration)