Freitag, März 11, 2005

RSS in Advertising - The Basics - Podcast 52 min.

Bill Flitter points on Pheedo to an interesting interview & discussion podcast he is on with Rok Hrastnik from MarketingStudies on the subject of RSS advertising.

He writes, the topics we discussed included:

* Different ad placements within RSS feeds

* Best RSS advertising strategies and best RSS advertising practices

* How to make RSS advertising user-friendly, get best results, not lose readers and keep advertisers happy?

* RSS advertisement targeting

* What's happening with RSS feeds that are already doing advertising in their feeds? Are they losing readership?

* The role of RSS metrics in RSS advertising and how RSS metrics actually work

* Use RSS for lead-generation

* How much RSS advertising costs?

* How much can RSS publishers get from RSS advertising and how they can start publishing ads in their RSS feeds?

* Emerging RSS ad standards

* Can RSS become infested with spam

The podcast (52:15 min.) is great help for understand the basics and the power of RSS advertising.

For a more comprehensive information check the RSS Diary of MarketingStudies's.