Montag, April 04, 2005

Carnegie Report: 14 - 34 Years Old Abandoning Newspaper

From Merrill Brown at the Carnegie Reporter

What's the future of the news business? This report to Carnegie Corporation of New York offers some provocative ideas. What the 18 to 34 years old think:

She writes:

"There's a dramatic revolution taking place in the news business today and it isn't about TV anchor changes, scandals at storied newspapers or embedded reporters. The future course of the news, including the basic assumptions about how we consume news and information and make decisions in a democratic society are being altered by technology-savvy young people no longer wedded to traditional news outlets or even accessing news in traditional ways.

In short, the future of the U.S. news industry is seriously threatened by the seemingly irrevocable move by young people away from traditional sources of news."

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Some more charts on findings (PowerPoint)