Sonntag, Mai 29, 2005

65 Million Blogs and a Blogger is Born Every Minute

spurt by The Blog Herald's Duncan May 2005 62,66 million Blogs world wide estimate and an email from Carl Bialik, "the WSJ "Numbers Guy" and now their free-content editor" which produced the following article at

Measuring the Impact of Blogs Requires More Than Counting

Pegasus News wrote on The Daily Peg:

"Blogs are not a new medium.
New mechanism is a better phrase. The medium is the Internet (or, more specifically, the Web page). The mechanism is blog authoring tools. Very useful, very cool, and very ubiquitous (unless your service's server goes down). But blogs are not the new papyrus. They're a new way of inscribing the same digital papyrus.

Blogs are not 'citizen journalism'.
Blogs enable citizen journalism. A blog is like a piece of paper. What you put on it -- from journalism to conversation -- is your choice. See the above re: 'performance art'.

Blogs are rapidly becoming MSM.
There. I've said it. Those blogs whose creators have audiences larger than newsletters, specialty magazines and even small-market radio and TV stations are no longer underdog players. They are mainstream media outlets, in a medium -- the Web -- which itself has become mainstream. "

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I do like the Pegasus News Disclaimer:
Pegasus News is not a blogging business, although it may utilize blogs as one of many tools.