Dienstag, Mai 24, 2005

Asia Business Media Expert Paul Started Blogging

Paul Woodward of BUSINESS STRATEGIES GROUP ASIA (BSG) has started blogging

Paul Woodward lived in Hong Kong for the last 20 years and has been working in business media around the region. In 2000 he has set up BSG as consultancy for the Asian market with special focus on B2B media and business information with presents in Hong Kong, Beijing and Mumbai.

Paul is one of our dear Partner at eMartin Partner.net and has a great record in b2b projects

Prior to establishing BSG, Paul was Managing Director of Miller Freeman Asia's consultancy division, Asian Strategies Limited and a Regional Director of Miller Freeman's business media activities.

Paul has started his Blog Asia Business Media recently,

Welcome Paul in the world of blogging - I hope together we can convince some more of our existing and potential clients to use the power and advantage of blogging - I'm looking forward sharing insights and exchanging opinions on the Asian market, especially on the booming China and India markets!

Happy blogging!