Mittwoch, Mai 04, 2005

Finally launched: Backfances - with the first two communities McLean and Reston, VA

On the backfences site it says: It's all local and designed for:

- Capturing community knowledge
- Post and comment
- Share photos
- Stay on top of local news
- Place classifieds ads
- Publicize an event
- Find local businesses
- Share tips with neighbors
- Get or make recommendation

On first sight, it doesn't give the place /platform into the hand of the community to make it a lively and communicative community space. It is not a "Kitz" (as we would say in Berlin) and it doesn't cry for social interaction .. and participation.

I'm a bit disappointed and I hope I'm wrong! If not, someone else has to come up with a real "back fences place" and it is not to late for local newspaper publishers to step in ... and do what they are around for!