Donnerstag, Mai 26, 2005

Find The Nuggets In We Media

On J-Log (the feed) K. Paul Mallasch published yesterday a "rundown" on the two years old We Media and picked and discussed the "nuggets":

A Look at We Media

"Ok, here's a quick rundown of Chris Willis and Shayne Bowman's great resource 'We Media.' In this blog posting, I take the nuggets and talk about them a little. I still suggest (highly) that you go read the whole thing, though. Enjoy ... "

More ...

Regardless whether you have read We Media before (take it as a welcomed refresher) or you haven't read it yet, but planned to read it sometimes (this surely will give you some extra motivation to do so) K. Paul Mallasch replays the thoughts for us and it shows that We Media ideas are pretty actual.

Here to the full sized We Media (incl. PDF Download)

via JD Lasica on New Media Musings