Mittwoch, Mai 25, 2005

Jemima Kiss Discovers the OhMyNews Freestyle

On Online Journalism News (24-May-2005) under the heading

Is the public stupid?

Jemina Kiss points to the 5 years old Korean spearhead of citizen media OhMyNews and their basic trust on readers / contributers and people ability in general

She writes:
"Korean news site Oh My News has an thought-provoking piece on categorisation and the processes of organising news.
It (OhmyNews) draws the following conclusion:

"If you think people are stupid and require direction, then you'll tend towards hierarchies, organised categories and closed distribution. This was Walter Lippmann's view of people, and it is reflected in the 'professional' press that he birthed. "

"If, however, you believe people will generally get it right, if given the chance, then you'll be comfortable with all that a free, searchable and open system has to offer. This is vital as we attempt to innovate the business models of tomorrow, for if you can accept the latter position, the lust for aggregation being expressed by the institutional media looks short-sighted and foolish."

"The truth is somewhere in the middle, probably ...", says Jemima Kiss after her first visit to OhmyNews International ...

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