Dienstag, Mai 24, 2005

No Money for "Bad" Reporting

Today Advertising Age / adage.com reports that BP is following the road of Morgan Stanley (see our entry Kein Geld fuer schlechte Presse) and adapted a "zero-tolerance policy toward negative editorial coverage" ...

This effort comes in critical time, when magazine publisher have to think twice whether they can risk any advertising money at all. But I don't think, we can risk to give into the pressure of money, politics and other interest groups. We need to speak up and withstand this attempt to discipline the press. Otherwise, we will be punished - even more - from our readers / users.

via David Shaw on B or not 2B--A Business Media Blog
(who protests agains such business practice in starting buying his gas elsewhere)

According to a copy of a memo on the letterhead of BP's media-buying agency, WPP Group's Mindshare, the global company has adopted a zero tolerance policy towards negative editorial coverage. The memo cites a new BP policy document entitled "2005 BP Corporate-RFP" that demands that ad-accepting publications inform BP in advance of any news text or visuals they plan to publish that directly mention the company, a competitor, or the oil-and-energy