Samstag, Juni 11, 2005

24 hours on Socialtext: European Blogosphere at Reboot

Loic Le Meur talks today at 17:15 (local time) at Reboot 7.0 about The European Blogosphere.

Only yesterday he announced on his blog 'The European Blogosphere: help me get the key facts if you like' that he has published (started) a document on Socialtext to prepare his presentation. Only 24 hours later this document / collection has a lot of information on the blogosphere from 15 or so participants in 90 Revisions.

For me it was more interesting, than the actual figures, to follow the development for 24 hours and see the material for his presentation growing, changing and growing.

I'm sure that every one (of You) looking at this document (recommended!) has some better (or other) figures about the blogosphere in his own country. But maybe that's not so important and so I'm using the highest figure given so far in this document - somewhat reasonable on my (weak) judgment ...

I recommend you to visit the document on socialtext, out of interest and to learn more about how social software supports Loic Le Meur's work! And if you have some figures on your countries blogosphere to share, I'm sure Loic doesn't mind before and after his talk ...

Back to the beginning: The text he started, told about his job and gave the basic structure and question ...

Main blogging platforms and number of blogs per platform (only the ones available in local language)
Total number of blogs estimated for the Country
'A list' bloggers, and possible theme of their blogs (in local language and in English by local people)
Political blogging: best stories & blogs
Corporate blogging: best stories & blogs
Mainstream media: best stories & blogs
Nanopublishing: best stories & blogs
People making money with their blogs
Other blogs that we should really look at

Countries were added later. First France and UK ... (check and compare Revisions). As to many people worked at the same time, he broke it up in countries ...

By now the document gives the following figures on total blogs by country:

The most actual count on the number of blogs by countries (Juni 21, 2005)

3.000.000 French Blogosphere
1.100.000 Polish Blogosphere
900.000 British Blogosphere

800.000+ Russian Federation (Live-Journal alone has 172.000)
600.000 Dutch Blogosphere
*440.000+ Nordic countries Blogossphere
380.000 German Blogosphere
*240.000+ Czech Republic
200.000 Belgian Blogosphere
200.000 Italian Blogosphere
80.000 Spanish Blogosphere
50.000 Portuguese Blogosphere
*50.000 Ukraine Blogosphere (Live-Journal alone has 19.517)
30.000 Austrian Blogosphere
*30.000+ Croatia Blogosphere ( alone has 26.594)
*240.000+ Czech Republic

9.000 Irish Blogosphere
8.500 Slovakian Blogosphere
*8.000 Hungarian Blogosphere
8.000 Lithuanian Blogosphere
5.000+ Danish Blogosphere

*5.000 Greek Blogosphere
5.000 Romanian Blogosphere

5.000 Swiss Blogosphere
4.000 Latvian Blogosphere
2.000 Estonian blogosphere
*500 Slovenian

* estimates from outside this paper

On June 11, 2005 Loic Le Meur counted approximately 6.5 - 7,0 Mil. blogs in Europe .... and the process and the paper is not finished yet!

If you follow my suggestion and visit this 'work in progress' you get to know the Blogosphere in Europe, learn something about the benefits of Social software (and for your live and work).