Mittwoch, Juni 22, 2005

China Daily Invites Comments On Editorial

There Are No Wrong Means, as long as they work for us … just after introducing RSS News Feeds on China People Daily now Paul points on his Asia Media Blog to the fact that

China's People Daily

is now welcoming comments on all its stories and this function seems to be welcomed by the reader. And the comments which get published are welcomed by the publisher / the communist party.

This is the a Standard Services line right next to each article:

This is the comment field: (larger)

more from Paul's Posting.

The China People Daily also have an Online Community (BBS) and it looks like, the same problem like anywhere else:

Forum announcement: No personal attacks allowed
Dear fellow members,

Thanks for visiting our forum, but we have found that recently some forum members have resorted to name-calling. Such behavior will not be tolerated. Repeated messages and postings attacking other members will be deleted immediately as a warning. Users who ignore the warning and continue to post offensive messages will be banned from using the service.

While we hope you enjoy your stay here, we also expect you to follow the rules and help us create a quality forum.

Yours sincerely,

I know newspapers in my country, who do not yet offer such a set of tools: BBS, Comments, Print, Newsletter, Archive, Gallery , etc. and could learn something ... and hopefully not only how to implement a efficient gatekeeper.