Mittwoch, Juni 22, 2005

Citizen Journalism Sign-Up at Bayosphere

Selbstverpflichtung für Citizen Journalisten:

Citizen Journalist Pledge at Bayosphere

By submitting this form, I agree to be accurate, complete, fair and transparent in my postings on Bayosphere. I will operate with integrity.

I work in the community interest.

I report and produce news explaining the facts as fairly, thoroughly, accurately and openly as I can.

Fair: I'm always listening to and taking account of other viewpoints;

Thorough: I learn as much as I can in the time I have, and point to original sources when possible;

Accurate: I get it right, checking my facts, correcting errors promptly and incorporating new information I learn from the community;

Open: I explain my biases and conflicts, where appropriate. I may also provide reviews (such as a critique of a movie or book) and commentary with a point of view based on facts, but I will have no significant financial or otherwise direct connection (membership, affiliation, close relationship, etc.) with an interested party.

If I do have such connections, I'll disclose them prominently, and my work may be labeled and/or categorized appropriately.

I agree, as an active member of this community, to help uphold the integrity of this pledge by challenging and reporting inappropriate postings or abuse.

Sign up at

If you do not agree to this, please don't register as a citizen journalist.

Added June 22,2005:
Now Metroblogging has a Wiki to the CitizenJournalistPledge
(we will watch and see ...)