Montag, Juni 20, 2005

Is RSS Advertising the Next Hot Media Buy?

Does RSS advertising stand the test for attractive CPA's (cost per new customer acquisition)?

Marketing Sherpa Weekly (June 20) reports on the Citrix's GoToMeeting test campaign -if you are interested and don't want to pay for it, rush the report is open until June 27th!

Sherpa Weekly writes:

"GoToMeeting Tests RSS & Podcasting Advertising Campaign: Lessons Learned

Although intrigued, mainstream advertisers are for the most part staying away from RSS ads. The problem (just as with any emerging media buy) is reach. Tests aren't worth the work unless you have a significant population to roll your campaign out to if the test wins.

However, now that Google's started putting AdSense ads into RSS feeds, and major news sites such as and are seeing double-digit monthly leaps in RSS-usership, we bet reach won't be a problem by 2006.

Interested? Check out our
exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how Citrix's GoToMeeting just tested RSS and Podcasting ads. ..."

(Open access only until June 27th, 2005)