Mittwoch, Juni 22, 2005

Open Media 100 Announced

AlwaysOn and Technorati present their first annual Open Media 100 list of bloggers, social networkers, tool smiths, and investors leading the Open Media Revolution. The

- Pioneers
- Trendsetters
- Practitioners
- Toolsmiths
- Enablers

You miss anyone on this list, don't worry, it is just a list.

You find someone under the Trendsetters, Practitioners, Toolsmiths and Enablers, you don't know yet - check them out!

(and don't forget to flip through the '50 Honorable Mentions' list, too!)

Die Nominierung ist eröffnet:
Wer sind die Lichtgestalten, Mütter, Väter und Macher der Open Media Revolution?