Dienstag, Juni 28, 2005

Routes to Success for Consumer Mags Websites

FIPP - the international magazine association - has just completed a study of consumer magazine websites 'Routes to Success for Consumer Magazine Websites'

From the content:

1. Organisation of website operations

2. Strategy and objectives - Trends in online efforts

3. Funding - Profile of web revenue

4. Audiences

5. Website content
- What attracts the new audiences?
- Frequency of updating
- Interactive facilities offered
- Other services offered
- eCommerce: products & services for sale
- Information that has not been published in the magazine
- Really Simple Syndication / Rich Site Summary (RSS)
- Charging users for access to any part of the website
- Digital edition of magazines

6. Advertisers and sponsors
- Web-only advertisers
- What attracts the new advertisers?
- Contextual advertising
- Mixed-media packages: print plus internet

7. Marketing of website

8. Opportunities and dangers of search engines

9. Competitors

10. Profitability

11. Significant barriers to success

12. Lessons shared
- Clear goals & realistic financial planning
- Marketing- Content: interaction with the printed magazine
- Communication with colleagues
- Advertisers

The paper presents the 2005 results and compares them with the 2003 results ...

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