Samstag, Juli 16, 2005

Community Sites Online Advertising Soars

Nielsen/NetRatings' AdRelevance service reports for June 2005 shows the largest increase in ad revenue for 'General community' Websites. The 'general community' category saw spending soar by 214 percent to exceed 33 million USD during the month.

In the first half of the year, the 'community category' ranks sixth in ad revenue, pulling in more than 139 million USD. 'General / National News' the top category collected (only) 487 million USD. So still a 'few' month to go ...


via Adweek/IQ Daily News Briefing
" ...But the fact that revenue grew so quickly last month, as June accounted for nearly a quarter of the revenue garnered in the first half, may signal that community sites like the popular, blog heavy MySpace are being embraced by advertisers who are more willing to accept content that does not comes from a single editorial voice.

'General community sites tend to have a higher level of engagement or interactivity with their users, making the sites very attractive to advertisers," said Nielsen/NetRatings senior media analyst Gerry