Dienstag, Juli 26, 2005

Is IDG Germany's Creditability At Stake?

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German subsidiary of IDG's, worldwide leader in IT publishing, has suspended their membership for Computer Woche (Computer Week) in the national audit control body IVW (similar to BPA in US).

As Jaeckel-Report (a qualified German b2b newsletter) writes, the IDG Business Verlag canceled "temporarily" the membership for IVW circulation control with a letter from July 8, 2005.

IDG explained on July 21 the problem behind this step: It's about a (large) part of the subscription circulation, that doesn't qualify as paid subscription under the rule of IVW as "IDG Germany has discovered in an internal audit" on request from IVW to explain figures on July 7, 2005.

IDG Business Verlag asked Deloitte to do a "recount" for the second quarter 2005 and the new report shows now: 23.864 paid subscription (versus 48.281 in quarter 1/2005). According to IDG the total circulation of 56.905 copies is not on stake.

Deloitte will continue to do audit Computer Woche (... until the problem is solved) and IVW accepts a re-entry. Other publications of IDG in Germany are not under review and will stay in the IVW (according to IDG).

This reminds me on a similar process with motorpresse Stuttgart. They also left a few years IVW (in time before they would be expelled) and returned later after "heavy work" and pr. The at motorpress did cost it CEO and some manager its job.

We will see how the management of the parent company will handle this incident and serious situation for IDG, ad clients and agencies. PR and communication about this incident started off lousy ...

The IDG suprise for advertisers
Qualified subscription falls from 48.281 (I/2005) to 24.417 (II/2005 Q)