Donnerstag, Juli 21, 2005

Not All Is Bad with Penton Media

David Shaw write on his Blog under the heading Penton's e-Strategy:

Penton Media's CEO, David Nussbaum, made a presentation at yesterday's annual meeting, the link to his slides you find on David's Blog 'B or not 2B--A Business Media Blog'

David Nussbaum told about some interesting insight into the company's eStrategy

- e-media operations, generated $17.6 million in 2004, or 8.3% of total revenues - that's up 20 % to previous year

- Penton produced more than 100 webcasts in 2004 (resulting in $3.4 million in revenues)

- the company delivered 75 million eNewsletters in 2004

and Penton has 25 digital editions of magazines active or pending.

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