Samstag, Juli 02, 2005

OhmyNews International Citizen Reporters Forum Resource Page

Cyberjournalist has posted a link to the report and resource site of

OhmyNews International's Citizen Reporters' Forum
Seoul, June 23 to 26, 2005

You find lots of presentations, speeches, comments and country reports ... among them

Citizen Reporters Make a World of Difference
by Park Ji Sun

A Media Revolution of a Different Kind
by Jeffrey William Eagar

The Challenge of JanJan in Participatory News
by Ken Takeuchi

Keynote: Roles of International Citizen Reporters in Internet Era
Oh Yeon Ho (founder of OhmyNews)

Introducing Citizen Journalism to 'The' J-School
by Clyde Bentley

Wikinews and Citizen Participatory Media
by Erik Möller

The Next Wave of Journalism Starts Today
by Todd Kipp

OhmyNews Kicks Off Its Global Newsroom
by Todd Thacker

Citizen Journalism Turns Media on Its Head
by Clyde Bentley