Mittwoch, Juli 13, 2005

A Study of Blogs and Usability from Catalyst

Catalyst Group Design tested the usability of blogs - late June and early July of 2005 and promise some "light on a variety of heretofore neglected, user-experience related design challenges associated with blogs’ potential to become a mainstream medium for Internet users." Some findings from the report:

- No participant understood the mechanisms associated with RSS/subscribing to a blog – not even the minority familiar with the term 'RSS'.

- Few participants even recognized that they were on an actual blog – and once they did, had a very different reaction to the information presented.

- A minority of participants understood how to navigate within the blog itself – with most being confused by areas for recent posts, categories, trackbacks and even the comments and archives functions.

The Press release - a summary of the test results

Report Download (PDF)

via Business Week: Study tests BW blog--and users say Huh?