Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005

FIPP / ZenithOptimedia: World Magazine Trends 2005/2006

The 11th annual edition of the FIPP / ZenithOptimedia World Magazine Trends 2005/2006 book is out. It combines published data on media and advertising from 71 markets.

International overviews with

Number of titles (by country)
Number of copies sold
Average issue readership
Revenue from advertising and copy sales
Sales distribution breakdown
Magazine adspend by country
Magazine share of adspend by country
Top 50 tables
Advertising expenditure trends

Country specific magazine advertising expenditures and forecasts

71 countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe

Analysis of developments and trends

Top titles (by sector)
Readership data
Circulation figures, and much more.

Quick Reference

Tax on magazines by country
Ownership regulations by country

A comprehensive reference book from FIPP / ZenithOptimedia as Online database, as eBook and in pBook (Print)

- Digital Copy / eBook - now!

- Hard copy / pBook - starting November 5, 2005
Format A4, 272 pages, ISBN: 1-872274-48-X

- Online DataBase Version - should be online (but isn't right now, its is/was offline)

Until the FIPP Website is fixed you can ask and order via Rachel Adams at FIPP.

What I think about the WMT 2005 / 2006:
It is an unmatched wealth of information collected by FIPP from their national magazine association members and some individual publishing houses and ZenithOptimedia uses its own information resources in the 60 countries and gathers available data from many other local media research sources.

Due to the research method, sometimes available data is getting quite old (and still will be included, e.g. Belarus from 1998) or is not well defined (e.g. are this data about the members performance of the association or the total market, what is considered business media and what not).

So it is good value for reasonable money for an overview, for having a starting point on a country or region, as reference book (and preparing a presentation) and to go back to Zenith Optimedia (or mcc consulting, of course!) for more.

One feature is missing and I suggest to FIPP / Zenith Optimedia:
Please add helpful links to additional resources in the Web for each country and category. This will bring you more business, not less! It would be a great help for people and using the World Magazine Trends Print & Online Handbook and need to do some additional research!