Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005

RSS Marketing Toolset from SilverPop

SilverPop released RSSDirect, which allows marketers to build a sets of RSS delivering customized information in News, Alerts, CRM, Special offers or/and Services.

The customers can select the feeds they want and create a personalized RSS feed to subscribe to using MyYahoo!, My MSN, Newsgator, Bloglines or Web-based RSS reader.

Rok Hrastnik writes about SilverPop RSSDirect:

"If marketers are to accept RSS as a reliable and relevant outgoing communications and marketing channel, they need an out-of-the-box enterprise grade RSS marketing solution that offers them everything they are already getting from e-mail marketing.

This includes:

a] Content personalization capabilities

b] Easy-to-use advanced subscriber list segmentation

c] Content targeting capabilities to ensure greater content relevancy and message impact

d] Enterprise-grade content security

e] Integration with existing user databases and metrics systems, peferably without giving the vendor access to user data

f] Automated follow-up capabilities

g] Complete tracking capabilities and e-mail comparable metrics

h] Ability to generate leads and subscriber data

Mostly all of these services were already available in some RSS solutions ... but they have never before been fully integrated in an out-of-the-box solution.

Today, the e-mail marketing solutions vendor SiliverPop changed all this by launching the first RSS marketing tool, RSSDirect, that really delivers all of the key outbound RSS marketing tools in a simple-to-use environment.

Personally, I was most impressed with their segmentation & targeting capabilities, ... "

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