Freitag, November 11, 2005

B2B Publisher: How to Sell Sponsored Webinars

In our discussion with publisher in China, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Germany we mentioned 'Webinars' as a business opportunity and revenue stream for publisher, which works well in US (e.g. Penton, PennWell)

In MarketingSherpa's Publication ContentBiz I found today a Special Report on the subject, sharing experience, samples and some links for additional resources:

How to Sell Sponsorships to Webinars -- Content,
Marketing, & Production Tips

SUMMARY (from MarketingSherpa): In part II of ContentBiz's special report on how to sell sponsorships to webinars, you'll find:

- Strong content that's not advertorial
- Production tips
- How to get webinar attendees

Plus, samples of media kits, registration forms, and ads to get more
attendees here (F.o.C. until Nov 20th, later in the SherpaShop)

Special Report Part 1:
How to Sell Sponsored Webinars -- Pricing & What Sponsors Want

Special Report Part 2:
How to Sell Sponsorships to Webinars Part II: Content, Marketing, & Production Tips