Freitag, November 18, 2005

Internet in China: Usage and Impact

Guo Liang, of the Research Center for Social Development at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), surveyed into Internet Users in Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha, Guangzhou and Shanghai (China's Internet population passed in July 2005 103 million) has come up with some interesting data in his 144 page report:

Surveying Internet Usage and Impact in Five Chines Cities

Some findings

- Chinese Internet user spends nearly three hours a day online
- 75 percent have never made an Internet purchase
- 42 percent never use a search engine.
- 85 percent spend their time viewing mainland Chinese-language content only
- 3 percent (sayed, that they) viewed overseas foreign language content

The Internet is a good place for Internet User & Non-user


The survey was founded by the Markle Foundation: Download Result (1,9 MB, PDF)

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For comparison: Internet Report from 2003 results from a 12 cities study.

via Fons Tuinstra on China Herald