Montag, November 21, 2005

Out Of Sync

Julie Bosam reports in the NYT (Nov 19th) about Ziff Davis plans to close Sync Magazine

She writes:
"Sync magazine, a men's magazine devoted to electronic gear and gadgetry, will close after 18 months of publication, a spokesman for its parent company, Ziff Davis Media, said yesterday. The final issue will be on newsstands Dec. 6.

Ziff Davis will turn over operation of the magazine's Web site,, to its San Francisco-based Game Group, which oversees the company's gaming titles.

Sync started in June 2004 and was published every other month, growing its circulation guaranteed to advertisers to 250,000 from its initial 200,000. But the magazine struggled to survive in a men's magazine market that has grown increasingly crowded ... "

More on NYT ...

… one more trail and error magazine concept failed - and more will follow.

There are still a lot of attempts and plans to make such a print magazine work (make it important to readers and advertisers) but I doubt that you can get enough mind (and budget) share ... on a regular print edition centering other male interest around that subject.

Yes, electronic gear and gadgetry is still a men subject, but in today’s world men don't need a special print periodical, to get the feeling (news and information on lame print).

Trying, is not new, either. I remember the start of the first German computer magazine CHIP in 1978. We didn't want to replace Playboy Magazine, but we used the magazine (and it's reader) for gaining subscription via advertising. Playboy performed good - it was among the top five in CPO (and suddenly I could steer up the interest of my (male) colleges in our serious publishing house about the little bastard and got their fantasy going, writing juicy copy for our ads on 'lust electronics' and computer.

The same publishing house in Germany - now Vogel Burda Communication - just relaunched Tomorrow.

in my eyes a new attempt and failure (magazine), wasting money!