Freitag, Dezember 09, 2005

India Internet User No. Predicted to Grow Fast

In number of Internet User India is far behind China (June 05: 104 Mio.):

A new study claims that today India has about 38,5 Mio. Internet User (up 54 percent from 2004) and predicts that in two year there will be about 100 Mio. Internet User in India ...

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ABC News Report

In 1998, during a conference, the responsible minister (sorry, I forgot his name) told about how India will be moving into No. 1 position worldwide (just) on superior IT & C products and services. We had some time to discuss with him and some people from industry and association. He insisted that this will happened and it would be realistic to move the live of 1 billion people into a prosperous and highly developed country.

We disagreed and I still disagree. Only a few percent of (very well qualified) people can working in this industry and it needs much more effort and many additional areas of fast development for India to get on the Top (or the Top 5 nations of this world).

And I'm sure, the handicap is not about Indian people! When we started publishing in India (CHIP, MM Industrial Magazine) our partner collected a bunch of very talented and enthusiastic people and they did a great job! And I also know there are many Indians inside and outside of India which are very talented, hard working and quite successful (relatively more outside than inside India to my understanding) ...