Freitag, Februar 17, 2006

Changing the Business of Business Publishing

Paul Conley headlined yesterday on his blog

Changing the economics of trade publishing

He argues with Sifry's Magic Middle Bloggers
"State of the Blogosphere Report (Part 2 Beyond Search)" in topical and niche areas, which have 20 to 1000 others linking to them and can (and have, together with other tools already) changed the economics of B2B publishing.

"Sifry singles out TechCrunch (Internet Companies), Wi-Fi Net News (on Wireless networking) as examples of influential blogs. And Sifry notes that these "Magic Middle" sites are often "interesting, exciting, informative, and witty." More ...

See also Paul's blog entry (and reader comments!) Competing against non-magazine blogs at MagazineEnterprise 360

In fact, micro and nano publishing are not only based on "other economics" but also "other" levels on information, know-how, dialog, interactivity, networking, community, benefits and value within a "niche" and "not so niche" target group and/or subject and interest.

Together with other digital tools means of micro- and nano publishing will change the way companies will do business.

Other Digital Tools?