Dienstag, Februar 21, 2006

Google to Measure Offline Media Results Online

I was begging and crying for "Print to Web" and "Web to Print" activities from print publishers to prove to their clients that print works.

Now Google, as Erik Sass writes in his article on Media Daily News, will once again show (and teach) traditional publishers, what advertiser may want to know - is the ad money they spend on print justified ...

Quote from Erik Sass:
" ... as Google tests sales of advertising on TV, radio, print, they plan to utilize powerful online backchannel to measure results of those deals. If successful, the initiative could provide a new, empirical way of proving the ROI of traditional media advertising deals. In an interview with MediaDailyNews, Google's Director of Advertising Strategy Patrick Keane said the plan relies on techniques already being utilized by some advertisers who use an online component of their media strategies to measure the effects of traditional media in their mix.

One straightforward strategy, he said, would be driving readers or listeners back to the online realm and measuring them there.

"The smart advertisers have been coming up with linked campaigns for a while," Keane noted. "They're no longer conceiving of advertising campaigns that are limited to the various silos--just print, just radio, or just Internet, and so on."

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