Donnerstag, März 23, 2006

Penton's Progress in Reshaping

If you want to know, how to evaluate the Penton Media Inc. go to my colleague David Shaw ... he is watching Penton for me. And here is his report and comments on the results for 2005

In short:
Overall revenues 2005 down 1% to USD192.8 mil.,
Net loss down to (just) USD 8.4 mil. (2004: USD 67.2 million, and
adjusted EBITDA USD 40.8 million (plus 21,8%)
Print down 5,1 %,
Events up 6,3 % and
eMedia up 17,9 %.

I've been watching Penton since my times at Vogel Media Group and it is my firm belief they have some valuable properties, they could and should make much more out of it in USA and International.

But today I extract the share of categories by sector, so you can see and study how successful they are running in the right direction

Breakdown total turnover

69,6 % from Publishing / Print
20,9 % from Trade shows / Conferences
9,5 % from Online media

If you check, you will see that e.g. Webinar's make a fast growing share of income, but other areas are still underdeveloped or not even existent.

Form 10-K - Complete Penton Report

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