Donnerstag, März 23, 2006

The Secret Power of Internet Advertising and Marketing in General

1. B2B companies overlooking the power of internet advertising (1. out of 3)

writes Sarah Woods in Brand Republic (UK):

"The internet's billion-pound UK advertising market is being overlooked by the business-to-business sector, but B2B companies have plans to increase their online budgets in the next year, according to an Internet Advertising Bureau (UK) survey.

Although online advertising is worth around UKP 1bn in the UK, B2B marketers have yet to fully embrace the market, with only 39% using display ads, while 39% use pay-per-click search and 29% use online classifieds.

The results of the survey suggest that B2B marketers do plan to take advantage of the internet's capacity by increasing their online advertising budgets in the next 12 months, with 63% of respondents saying that the internet will take more of their marketing budgets in the future.

Furthermore, almost a third pledged to increase spend by up to 20% in the next 12 months, with 13% saying they will increase spend by over 30%.

Of the companies that do use the internet, more than a third said that conducting business online has helped their growth, with 35% believing the internet has revolutionised their marketing communications. Only 12% believe that the majority of their business will eventually be conducted online [...]
more at Brand Republic

But, if you compare the experience of companies that use the Internet for Marketing from this study with

2. The Effectiveness of 500 Consumer & B2B Marketing Programs (2. out of 3) published in Harvard Business Review (June 2005) - not so bad after all ....

Out of 500 Consumer and B2B marketing programs in the study

- 84% resulted in less market share, not more
- Most customer acquisition efforts did not break even
- Fewer than 10% of new products succeeded
- Most sales promotions were unprofitable
- Advertising ROI was below 4%
- Doubling advertising expenditures for established products increased sales just between 1% and 2%


3. "50 Things You Need To Know About Online" (3. out of 3)

an interesting list from Media Week 12/2005