Donnerstag, April 27, 2006

Consumer-Generated Advertising - A Nightmare for Professionals?

After so many professionals told and (some) showed us, what they understand (or would like us to unterstand) about the value and quality of consum-generated content, Robert Moskowitz tells today - on iMedia Connection - about

The (Ad) Agency of the Future: Consumers

From the Intro:
"Once upon a time, it took a professional advertiser to make an advertisement. Now that we have computers and the internet, that's no longer true.

As chronicled in iMedia, advertisers have been systematically learning the creative and attention-getting power available from the ranks of their own consumers. By using "Consumer-Generated Advertising" to harness the love of a target audience for a specific brand or product, an advertiser can position itself on the receiving of vast amounts of grass roots creativity, industry buzz, media attention and consumer interest-- all at a bargain price.

Whether you call it Consumer-Generated Media, Consumer-Generated Content, Consumer-Generated Marketing, or Consumer-Generated Advertising (CGA), the idea and the executions have been spreading [...]"

In his article he describes and shows some examples:

Home Depot

Chevy Tahoe
Converse Gallery
Current TV

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