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Dienstag, Mai 09, 2006

ABM's Strategic Plan for a Fast-Changing World of Business Information

American Business Media (ABM) - under its leadership the of Gordon T. Hughes - is often ahead in its strategic plans and idea's to help their members to profitable growth (in comparison with other publishing associations anyway) - execution has sometimes room for improvement.

Here is their new 2-years strategic plan, approved during the ABM’s Spring Meeting (Folio:'s daily newsletter) in Scottsdale, AZ.

Full quote from ABM's release:

"The marketplace has changed again becoming increasingly more integrated, digital and complex. This ambitious Plan strives to take American Business Media members and the association to a new plateau. In this new environment, the driving goal will be to help our members develop a taxonomy and framework to successfully adapt and grow their businesses.

“As ABM embarks on this new Plan, we do it with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm, said Gordon T. Hughes, president/CEO of American Business Media. “We recognize the important role the Association can play in helping our members better understand this new environment and be successful, measured in terms of content delivery, revenue and profitability.”

This new Plan leverages the following industry drivers:

• The end-user (reader, viewer, attendee), like never before, is seizing control and determining how and when they receive information

• Whether you refer to offerings as content, information, knowledge or solutions, the Editor and their ability to deliver the brands’ promise across multiple platforms is more critical than ever before

• Today, magazines are still vibrant brands and this equity has sustaining value

• The increased importance and expanding array of the face-to-face delivery platform is a robust, growing and critical part of information offerings

• The new digital world
-Is the fastest growing part of our industry
-Offers the greatest potential for long-term strategic rewards
-Encompasses today’s: Internet delivery, Rich Data, Rich Media, Vertical Search and other elegant offerings (some in view and some not yet defined)

• New delivery platforms are being discovered and others rapidly evolving

• In recognition of this evolving environment, ABM will leverage its resources to empower member companies to seize the strategic opportunities

One driver I miss in ABM's statement: Folksonomy ...

Folksonomy, something their reader / partner (formerly called audience) have started to embraced already.