Donnerstag, Mai 25, 2006

Amazon Adds Reader for Search Inside Books

It might be just the beginning of 'a book is a book'. No paper, no cover, no dust catcher. No gate keppers to get published (and hopefully no corvee and robber barons) , no breed selection, no (physical) cross-country distribution, no back and out of stock lists, no time consuming visit of libraries, etc.

Maybe publishing goes back to its roots: publishing is a service business ... adding some value instead consuming 88 or 90 % of trading value.

A capible online reader might be the only enabling tool writer and readers need to meet ...

via Barry Schwartz on SearchEngineWatch

New Amazon Online Reader For Digital Book Reading

"Gary Price has a detailed & step-by-step write up on the new Amazon Online Reader. You can view the new look for the reader by clicking here. The new features include; search for words within the pages, scroll from page to page (looks AJAX like), and a zoom feature [...]"

More ..

Gary's Step-by-Step

Amazon Site feature: Amazon Online Reader

via John Battelle's Searchblog